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Build a REST API in Node.js

Hints Staff
4 years ago
Build a REST API in Node.js by html hints

In this final video of my Node.js Javascript series, we'll be building two different HTTP server projects: one that returns a string submitted by the user via POST request transformed into upper case, and one that returns time passed in on a querystring as a JSON object.

Please either enjoy or forgive my lockdown hair.

Some of the things you'll learn:

1. How to use the Node.js documentation

2. How to find help using search (Google or my favorite DuckDuckGo) and StackOverflow

3. How to write readable, maintainable code

4. How to respond to an HTTP request

5. How to parse a querystring

6 . How to debug code that doesn't work

7. How to use a third-party library

8. Just what the heck is Unix time anyway?

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