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Top 3 VS Code Extensions For Developers

Hints Staff
4 years ago
Top 3 VS Code Extensions For Developers by html hints

Color Highlight

VS Code gives us a little color box for reference, but it’s not quite big enough to gauge the differences between similar colors. Color Highlight gives us a larger preview by wrapping each HEX code with the color.

Download Extension: Color Highlight.

colorHighlight by Html Hints

SVG Preview

VS Code has a built-in image preview window, but when you click on an .svg file, it simply shows code.

With SVG Preview, you get an additional side window that previews your image and even updates as you make changes to the SVG code.

Forget opening up Sketch or Illustrator to make your SVG edits. Now, you can make all your changes directly within VS Code.

Download Extension: SVG Preview.

svgPreview by Html Hints

VS Code Icons

If you’re not, install it now to make finding what you’re looking for amongst your long list of files and folders ten times faster.

The unique icons it adds for each file type make file searching a visual and simple process. Did I mention there are tons of icon themes to choose from?

Download Extension: VS Code Icons.

CodeIcons by Html Hints

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