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Getting started in programming

4 years ago
Getting started in programming by html hints

Why learn to program?

Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have in common?

They recommend learning to program!

Programming is a field of the future, an area fundamental to understanding computer science, an important area in hacking, an area essential to design websites and applications, etc. But it is not for everyone, here is what you need to know.

Where and what to start?

To start with, it is interesting to get knowledge of the basics of computer science and then move on to practice. To reach your goals easily, you can set small goals for yourself.

You can follow, a computer and a guide (a person, a website, a book, or a video) that serves as your support. Then, you have to acquire the basics: what is a network? what is a system? what is memory? etc ...

After that, you have to get started! You can do this first by installing the tools required to program, and entering code using your guide.

Is programming for everyone?

Learning programming is naturally accessible to everyone. It is possible to study with a computer, even a little powerful, as long as code can be executed. It is also possible to learn without a diploma and at any age. Of course, the learning time may vary according to each person, but it is absolutely not prohibited to learn because of a missing diploma or a given age!

That said, programming isn't for everyone. We have seen that it is not because of age or diploma. It is rather in relation to the allotted time and the motivation of each. Knowing how to program can create all kinds of software, websites, and systems, but it is not always easy. It takes time to learn and debug. Learning to cope with this is therefore essential to become a real programmer.

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