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Facebook Will Ban fallacious Posts On CORONAVIRUS

4 years ago
Facebook Will Ban fallacious Posts On CORONAVIRUS by html hints

Facebook will start removing fallacious posts about Coronavirus, in a major change of policy. The decision aims to increase awareness about the fast-spreading disease & stopping false news about Coronavirus, which has led the World Health Organisation to declare a global health emergency.

Normally, Facebook limits the distribution of fallacious posts about health issues & Coronavirus, by limiting or hiding them from search results or stopping them from being pushed through sponsored posts.

That policy has received sustained criticism from people who argue it enables the spread of diseases and bad health advice.

But now, with the spread of Coronavirus, the company said in a blog post that it would remove all fallacious content about the disease "with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities," saying such posts will violate its ban on misinformation leading to "physical harm."

In particular, there is a lot misinformation about vaccination of Coronavirus has spread far on social media platform in many countries, including during major vaccination campaigns to prevent polio in Pakistan and vaccination campaigns against yellow fever in South America.

Facebook will also restrict all hashtags used to spread misinformation on Instagram related to Coronavirus.

Facebook will also run educational pop-ups with credible information and is providing free advertising credits for organizations to run Coronavirus education campaigns on Facebook as well as Instagram in all regions affected by the Coronavirus virus.

It will also removed all various misinformation about polio vaccines in Pakistan, although the imminent harm in that case involved risks of violence against the health workers carrying out the immunization campaigns

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